Mar 16

Clyde power dam.


Typical small NZ town.

A lone tree up on the hill.

Reminds me of One Tree Hill in San Francisco.

Omakau farmland.

Joining the Old Dunstan Road.

Its always exciting when the trail turns to dirt.

Following Old Dunstan Road.

Heading to Poolburn reservoir.

Giant rocks on the Old Dunstan Road.

All present and correct.

Poolburn Reservoir.

Poolburn Reservoir.

Grassy tussocks and very dry.

Yup. More rain, over Loganburn Reservoir.

Watch this...

... cloud ...

It just rolls by, but I stay dry.

Dramatically colder when the sun is covered.

OK - that's my road you are on.

Time to turn off the bike and walk it by.

The end of the Dunstan.

Mar 17

Stealth camp by the Taieri River near Ranfurly.

After pitching my tent in the dark, I am woken very early by a possum.