Mar 19

The Okuku river.

You can see where the road fords the river on the right.

Crossing this was a challenge...

Watching the sunset afterwards the reward.

The Okuku range as sun sets.

Now I have to ride in the dark.

Mar 20

Dawn by Waikuku beach campsite.

Hanmer Springs.

Those clouds mean I can't hang around long.

Storm gathering at Hanmer.

Twenty minutes and the weather changes.

Storm clouds lift on the Molesworth.

Arriving at Clarence River.

5pm and I have finished the day's ride.


Acheron Accommodation House, built in the 1860s, is now a museum.

The loop walk by Acheron accomodation house.

7pm at Acheron on the Molesworth.

The rangers stop by for payment.

Time to pitch the tent...

9pm visitor.

A possum checks out my campsite and we give each other a fright.

Mar 21

Sun tips on the mountains at Molesworth.

I watch from the tent.

Sunrise over Clarence River.

Molesworth sunrise.

Molesworth sunrise.

Molesworth sunrise.

Molesworth sunrise.

The Clarence River.

Molesworth sunrise.

Everything looks miniature.