Mar 21

Molesworth sunrise.

Molesworth sunrise.

The grass dries in minutes in the morning sun.

Molesworth majesty.

Breaking camp at the Molesworth at 8am.

Riding down Molesworth Station.

Half shaved mountain on Taylor Pass road.


Leaving Picton for the North Island.

Taking the Interislander Ferry to Wellington.

Time to do more trip planning...

Mar 22

At last a meet up with some Kiwi dual sporters.

Ruahine Forest Park near Wellington. Thanks everyone, thanks Chris!

Ruahine Forest track.

Top of the trail.

Riding towards Taihape.

On the way to "Gentle Annie", the road to Napier.

Gorge Rd crossing Rangitikei River.

Gorge Rd crossing Rangitikei River.

Mar 23

Napier bay.

I get completely rained out arriving in Napier. Everything wet.

Raupunga, near Wairoa.

Light changing ...

... every minute ...