Mar 23

The soil is an intense color.

A freshly dug forestry trail. Loads of fun.

Lake Rotonuiaha.

Mar 24

Dawn at Waireka.

Clouds lifting from below.

Morning wakeup.

A farmer for Landcorp Wairakai provides me a place for my tent and a hot meal.

Nobody on the road.

Landcorp's farm estate.

Circular rainbow.

Waiting for the sun to dry my things.

Clouds lifting quickly.

Lush North Island pastures on Waihi Road.

Much greener than the drought-ridden South.

Looking out over Lake Waikaremoana.

Lake Waikaremoana.

One of the few longer dirt roads on the North Island.

A break from the rain.

Glad to have a huge fuel tank at this point - no fuel here.

Abandoned farm hut.

This area has many empty structures.

Wild horses on Ruatahuna Road.

They often stand just around a bend.

Urewera National Park.

It feels like a rainforest.

Looking down over mist in Urewera National Park.

Another storm to outrun at Murupara.

So far, only one major drenching.

Mokoia volcanic Island by Lake Rotorua.