Mar 4

Landing in Dunedin.

The bike at Mackenzie Country Motors in Fairlie.

Brett Whitehead, on the four wheeler, helps me get the bike prepped.

Al and Brett Whitehead changing a tire.

Mar 8

First day out riding.

Fuel leak! - so back to base.

Just missed the rain.

Mar 12

Trouble with my Safari tank.

Plastic welder, body shop, garage, more sanding, goop, new O-ring.

Mar 13

Back on the road. Heading up Lake Tekapo.

I crossed these two small rivers.

The Macaulay river.

Walking up the Macaulay river by Lake Tekapo.

Unfortunately its too deep and fast to cross.

Leaving Lake Tekapo and Macaulay river.

Mist over Lake Pukaki.

The gravel build up at the corners can easily throw you.

Rain over Lake Pukaki.

I'm riding that direction.

Leaving the clouds behind.

Just missed the rain over Lake Pukaki.

The clouds lift riding down Lake Pukaki.

Mar 14

Campsite at 7am, near Lake Pukaki Canal.

Lake Pukaki Canal.

Camping under pine is great.

Still, it takes two hours to bath, cook, do laundry, pack camp, check chain and tires, and get on the road.

Riding down Lake Dunstan to Queenstown.

A stop at Lake Dunstan.

My fuel tank is dripping just a little.