Mar 17

Today's treat: Danseys Pass.

Climbing up Danseys Pass.

Crossing the dam at Lake Benmore.

Gaining access to Black Forest road.

Private trail - call the farmer for the combination lock code.

Black Forest Road.

This private road has incredible views of the lake.

Above Lake Benmore.

Rolling mountains.

Lake Benmore.

Taken from Black Forest Road.

Arriving at Black Forest Station.

I drop in to pay the $10 nz road toll at the homestead.

Mar 18

The tail subframe cracked. Again.

After holding it on with a strap for two days, now its time to fix.

Gibson's in Fairlie made a new bracket.

This won't hurt a bit.

All better now.

Those triangular gussets will make the rear stronger.

Mar 19

5:30 am in Fairlie.

Time to get up and ride!

Lees Valley Road.

OK thats a long way down.

Big sky over the Southern Alps.

Lees Valley, above Christchurch.

Dinner time.

A cook out after the Okuku river crossing.

Dinner time means sunset time.

Okuku river.

The biggest water crossing in Lees Valley.