Jan 10

We wake to find the river like this.

That nice dry riverbed almost flooded our campsite!

Packing up.

Chris relieved we managed to escape the rising river.

Jon heading up the Omarama saddle.

Wet tracks heading up to the Big Omarama Saddle.

Big Omarama Saddle.

A typical water crossing.

Looking ahead.

Top Hut at Omarama Saddle.

The DOC huts are very organized.

Sleeps 8 in a crunch.

The 'Saddle' - our road is just faintly seen.

Chris coming down from the big saddle.

Admiring the view.

Omarama hills.

Lookout. Near the top of the little Oarama Saddle.

Jon blocking the road.

Break time?

Chris on gate duty.

The roads have lots of gates each needing opening and closing.

Its extremely hot.

We take a lunch stop out of the wind.

Jon enjoys the view and does some painting. Chris had a power nap.