Jan 26

Mount Cook at Dusk.

This is the other side of Mount Cook, near Fox Glacier.

Jan 27

Morning hike to Fox Glacier.

There are tiny people in the distance, with glacier guides.

Fox Glacier: Can't go any further.

Jon hiked up as far as the paths permitted.

The river in the foreground contains huge chunks of ice.


Beach break.

Crazy trees on the West Coast.

Arriving at Jacksons Bay at 6pm.

Beach trip - how can you resist?

Jon's D606 tires are getting worn.


All shipshape.

Why has the wheel stopped turning?

The master link has come apart.

Waiting for help. Its a long straight empty rode.

At 8pm, making camp.

Jon's campsite is at the treeline, just by the dried out grasses.

8pm Sunset at Jacksons Bay.

Mount McLean is in the distance.



The rising tide is erasing my tracks. Good think I moved the bike!