Jan 10

Power nap position assumed.

Back to Omarama town before the ride up Ahuriri.

Arriving at Ahuriri Track.

This floodwater is from the storm last night.

Heading up Ahuriri track.

Ford / landslide /washout crossing.

Ahuriri track.

Mud washed out road.

Jon asked Chris to ride his bike over the quicksand as a 'demo' :-)

Rainbow near Ahuriri.

Ahuriri track was very wet and pretty flooded in parts.

We've arrived.

This is the view from our destination - Ahuriri Base Hut.

Ahuriri Base Hut at 8pm!

We have the hut to ourselves.

Chopping wood at Ahuriri Hut.

Lovely but very cold creek for a wash near the Ahuriri base hut.

Jan 11

A morning ride up the road from Ahuriri.

Returning to Lake Ohau.

This road won't last long...

Basking in the sun.

After several hours, we arrived at Monument Hut.

Laundry time, early evening at Hopkins Valley.