Oct 6

This is Jon's bike in NY all shiny before the trip.

Bike prep in New York.

Nick from Rockwell Cycles giving Jon's bike a once over.

Bike prep. They always look like Robocop at this stage.

Oct 7

Bike prep - suspension tuning.

Jon's preload adjustment kit. Jon reset the suspension to factory defaults.

Bike prep - fitting the Safari tank.

Bike prep - stencil removal.

Time to remove that Safari stencil from the side of the new Safari gas tank.

Bike prep - stencil removal.

Removing the Safari tank logo. It might have stayed if it didn't have a '.com' website on it.

Oct 8

Bike prep - done.

New handguards, tank, bashplate… and very clean!

Jon giving his bike a last test ride before shipping to NZ.

Oct 9

Shipping. Dan Lawson carting off the bike.

Nov 15

Planning. Time to spend hours and hours with Garmin Basecamp.

Planning. Transferring the maps to the tiny Netbook.

Planning. Hmm - which route?

Dec 18

Packing day. Everything present and correct.

Packing day. All that somehow in two bags and a tankbag.

Dec 29

Packing day. Weighing in at 20 kilos. Not bad.

Packing day. Making a power harness for accessories.

Power for GPS, USB, camera, …

Jan 1

Arriving at Dunedin.

NZ Border customs checks.

Coming into NZ, Jon's bags were checked for contaminating substances. None were found.

Jan 3

The Fuel Pump saga.

Rats. The new large Safari tank leaks fuel onto the hot engine. Not good..