Jan 3

Home repairs.

Time for some goop. Don't try this at home.

Jan 4

Off to the bike shop.

The folks at Motorcycle Replacements were great, sorting Jon out with 'Wurth Super RTV Silicone'.

Jan 6

Trying the local foods.

Whittakers is the NZ version of Cadbury. Quite good.

Jan 7

Bike fully loaded at Te Anau.

Sam's trusty farm bike is in the background.

Sam at the top of the hill in Te Anau.

Jan 8

Arrival at Milford Sound.

A beautiful ride, though quite touristy.

Milford Sound.

Rainforest on the road to Milford Sound.

Rivers at Milford Sound

Lupin Meadows towards Milford Sound.

Mirror Lakes.

Back to Te Anau Lake.

Dusk at Te Anau, riding to Mavora Lake.

Jan 9

Tent leaks!

Jon wakes to discover his Tarptent handles rain, wind, or uneven territory - but not together.

First campsite at Mavora Lake.

The rainbow was welcome. Cold drenching rain wasn't.

Only do this with extreme care in heavy downpour!

Rain clouds over Mavora Lake Rd.

Mavora Lake Road in heavy rain.

First water crossing.

Arrival at Queenstown Lake.