Jan 24

Cold water!

This island is a major bird sanctuary.

Next to Jon's campsite at Teviotdale.

Jan 25

Good morning! Time to leave Teviotdale.

Cheviot's old rail station.

Great food here. NZ's rail lines have mostly gone, but some of the structures remain.

By Cheviot, continuing up the East Coast.

Beach drift.

The 'Cathedral Cliffs'.

Up the famous East Coast SH1.

East Coastline.


Heading in towards Hanmer Springs and Lewis Pass.

In the mountains.

Its always great when the GPS looks like this.

A short hop on the Molesworth track.

Jon only rode a few k's on this … still.

7pm. Molesworth gives you sunsets like this.

Jan 26

Morning ride up to Waiutu Ghost Town.

Waiuta Ghost town.

An old mining hut.

Jamie showing off.

Jon's bike ran out of fuel at Waiuta. Jamie helped ride the bike to a nearby home.

Heading down the West Coast.

Everywhere on the South Island you see road repairs and environmental damage.

Heading towards Fox Glacier.