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Day 4 - Crater Lake

165 miles (40 offroad), 10 hours. Stayed at Lakeview Lodge Motel, quiet and clean (**).

From Limolo Lake Resort, we journeyed to Lakeview, OR. Several of the high passes in Oregon were blocked by snow, so we re-routed via Crater Lake. This meant more tarmac, but the trip to the lake was worth it.

By this stage our Dunlop 606 tires were already ragged. Then a mechanic in Lakeview pointed out that Jon's rear tire was developing a bulge. We purchased some tire 'slime' sealant, though this didn't make Jon feel much calmer... We spent several hours figuring out how to order new tires to pick up on the trail, finally settling on a detour to Winnemucca, NV.