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Day 14 - Black Dragon Canyon

168 miles (110 offroad), 13 hours. Raw camped in Black Dragon Canyon (***).

We rode Skyline Drive through to Castle Dale. Then we took the Buckhorn Wash. Along the way we saw the Wedge, Utah's mini grand-canyon, and some ancient pictographs, before descending into the depths of Black Dragon Canyon!

Sam's horn fell off on Skyline Drive (9000+ feet up out the back of Salt Lake City) and shorted out, temporarily taking out his electrics. He was gleeful to use electrical tape and a fuse from his toolkit.

The trail in Black Canyon gets a bit technical (and is becoming a little notorious). Sam aced the trail without any spills. Jon dropped his bike when a sandy ledge collapsed. Then the KLR's clutch over-heated, and Jon had a second spill. At this stage the KLR's battery failed. Time to sleep it off and try again in the morning.